Dragon Ball Teases the Identity of Its Robed Saiyan

Super Dragon Ball Heroes as a spin-off anime series has been giving fans a number of characters [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes as a spin-off anime series has been giving fans a number of characters and battles that they would have otherwise never seen in the main anime series of Dragon Ball Super and it seems as if one of said characters is about to have their identities revealed. In a recent trailer for Dragon Ball Heroes' arcade game, the "Robed Saiyan" who anime viewers saw appearing in the new universe created by the nefarious Fuu took off his hood and revealed that not only is he a Saiyan himself, but has the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan.

During the Space-Time War Arc, we've seen a number of familiar heroes and villains return to the anime, with the Arc kicking off as Goku and Vegeta were dropped into a brand new universe, battling against foes including the likes of Freeza, Cooler, Goku Black, Turles, and Cumber. With Goku Black arriving as the Masked Saiyan, his "Goku Elimination Plan" has been revealed wherein the alternate version of Zamasu is attempting to kill one hundred Gokus in order to master the potential of his body. With numerous screenshots revealed of Goku Black learning Super Saiyan 3 Rose, it's clear that the Z Fighters are going to have some major battles on their hands.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the new trailer for the Arcade Game that shows the Robed Saiyan removing his hood and transforming into a Super Saiyan, leading many to believe that this mysterious figure is either a new version of Goku or perhaps Bardock back from the dead:

One of the biggest returns from the latest episode of the spin-off series was the return of Dr. Gero's greatest creation in Cell, who surprised fans when it was revealed that he appeared to save Goku and company, not to fight them. With Goku partnering with Hearts, the anime is creating some insane duos along the way.

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