Dragon Ball: New Character Blurbs Tease the Masked and Robed Saiyans

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has kicked off the 'Space-Time War Arc' by dropping Son Goku into a brand [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has kicked off the "Space-Time War Arc" by dropping Son Goku into a brand new universe where he is face to face with the villainous siblings of Freeza and Cooler, he has gotten back up from an unexpected source in Hearts, but more threats are definitely on the way. With two Masked Saiyans waiting in the wings, hiding their identities behind masks and hoods, these two warriors could be anyone though we have some fairly decent predictions when it comes to who these figures might ultimately turn out to be.

If we had to place money on it, it definitely seems as if the masked warrior is a resurrected Goku Black, aka the twisted version of Zamasu who had overtaken Goku's body in an alternate reality. With regards to the other Saiyan who has a hood covering his face, we definitely believe that the being might be none other than Goku's father, Bardock, who returned from the grave following his death at the hands of Freeza above the Planet Vegeta. Dragon Ball Heroes has had no problem in bringing back characters who have been dead for ages, whether they be heroes or villains, as this arc proves by incorporating the likes of Cell, Turles, and Bojack to name a few.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared new bios for both the Masked and Robed Saiyans, who appear to be none other than Goku Black and Bardock, masking their identities from Goku for reasons unknown as they find themselves dragged into the "Space-Time War":

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is the latest anime series that expands the universe of the popular arcade game in Dragon Ball Heroes, which expands the universe of Akira Toriyama by venturing into areas that the main continuity would otherwise never tread. With the latest episode seeing a villainous tag team emerge from Freeza and Cooler in their Golden forms, the spin-off is attempting to give fans new Z Fighter adventures during the main series' hiatus.

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