Dragon Ball Fan Goes Viral for Putting Hilarious New Spin on Toy Story

One Dragon Ball fan has gone viral for putting a hilarious new spin on the fight between Woody and [...]

One Dragon Ball fan has gone viral for putting a hilarious new spin on the fight between Woody and Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. When thinking about some of the best fights in the anime medium, many fans will point to the various conflicts found through the Dragon Ball franchise over the years. Not only does Dragon Ball Z offer some of the hardest hitting fights in anime, but much of the reason fans have come to remember cede fights were the sound effects that went into each one. Each fight is then elevated to an otherworldly level.

These sound effects have become so ingrained with the Dragon Ball anime franchise as a whole that they are totally recognizable when found in other contexts. They can even go to a whole new level of wildness when put with something that you would never associate with its high concept fighting. @waffloesH went viral on Twitter for doing just that by fusing one hilarious Toy Story scene with Dragon Ball fight sound effects and taking it to the next level. Check it out below:

The Dragon Ball and Toy Story franchises are both long running, and have new projects in the works. Dragon Ball Super is continuing with its monthly new chapter releases taking the story far beyond where the anime first came to an end, and it's currently working on a new feature film. Though there haven't been any updates for this new film as of yet, fans are eagerly waiting to see whether or not this film or a return of the anime series is confirmed soon.

As for Toy Story, while the fourth film brought Woody's story to an end the franchise will be continuing with a new spin-off film focusing on the adventures of the "real" Buzz Lightyear that went on to inspire the toys. Starring Chris Evans, this new film will presumably take the Toy Story franchise into a whole new era without the anchors of those original stories.

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