We Need To Talk About The Fighting In Dragon Ball Heroes

Super Dragon Ball Heroes throws in elements and characters that we would have otherwise never seen [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes throws in elements and characters that we would have otherwise never seen in the main series of Dragon Ball Super, with the latest episode for example bringing back the original version of Broly to battle against Super Saiyan Blue Vegito and Super Saiyan 4 Vegito, but the anime has a serious problem when it comes to depicting its battles that can't be ignored. We want to break down some of the problems that Heroes is currently encountering when it comes to its fisticuffs and what it can do moving forward to improve upon its action!

Using the latest episode of Dragon Ball Heroes as an example, this should have been a fight for the ages! The Legendary Super Saiyan battling against two versions of Vegito at their strongest? That should have been a slam dunk for the spin-off, but unfortunately, it felt sparse and lacked impact. It seemed as if all the Saiyans on board were moving underwater, with each of them delivering attacks that were hardly befitting of the insane power levels of the combatants involved. The energy attacks were weak, the blows delivered lacked impact, and there seemed to just be an infinite number of ways that the fights could have been improved upon.

Dragon Ball Heroes Fighting
(Photo: Toei Animation)

This isn't to say that the battles in Dragon Ball Heroes have always suffered from mediocrity, specifically the battle between Goku and Hearts during the Universe Seed Saga was comparable to some of the best that was seen in the main series of Dragon Ball Super. The blows had weight to them and the action was fast and furious as the Saiyan protagonist burst through the city that acted as the landscape for their duel.

The battle between Broly and the Vegitos simply doesn't carry the weight that it should and perhaps that comes down to how little time each episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is, having to move quickly to the next beat in the running time. These are fights that we would otherwise never see in the main series and they should still be treated as some universe-shattering brawls considering the insane power held by the combatants. Ultimately, power-ups like Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker don't hold much value when their significance is lowered in such a way.

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