'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 118 Recap with Spoilers

The new episode begins with a recap of last week. Ribrianne and Rozie were eliminated from the Tournament of Power by the Androids of Universe 2. Gohan and Piccolo find themselves fighting the Namekians of Universe 6.

After the recap, fans are greeted by Universe 2. Its citizens are sad to see Ribrianne eliminated, but the girl tells them all they are not out of hope just yet. She says the light of love is not out just yet, and Universe 2 still has warriors in play.

The trio are seen fighting Goku. Zirloin and his comrades say they must fight for their home’s survival. Goku goes SSB shortly to push them back, and Universe 7 says the Saiyan must be tired from fighting so much. Champa says Universe 2 is doing poorly, but Vados reminds the god Universe 6 is doing worse. Caulfila promises she will beat Saoneru and Pirina if they lose, but the Namekians know they will not have the chance.

Piccolo prepares for battle, saying a power has come to him just in time. Tien notes Gohan and Piccolo have been fighting for some time now. Krillin says Namekians are tough no matter where they are from, and the Old Kai notices something different about the pair. Gohan and Piccolo sense it as well. Piccolo then notices the energy of dozens of Namekians dwelling with the two, and the Universe 6 fighters land a sudden blow.

Goku continues to fight his trio. The Universe 2 warriors get power from their citizens who send them all love. With this new power, the fighters transform much like Ribrianne did. When the magical transformation ends, the men are all turned “Magical Boys” with one looking just like Ribrianne. Universe 2 rejoices at the power-up, and the Androids step in to help Goku. They say they have to help to ensure Universe 7 survives.

Android 17 and 18 get a bit dramatic when they introduce themselves. Krillin is taken back by their personality change.

With Universe 2 charging ahead, the new battle begins. Gohan and Piccolo find themselves locked in a very intense battle with the new Namekians. Piccolo says he has learned their secret, revealing the Universe 6 warriors did fuse with many of the Namekian brothers. Saoneru and Pirina had to wait for their bodies to stabilize after taking in so much power. They are not determined to ensure Planet Namek survives.

Gohan powers up, stepping in to help Piccolo. The Saiyan tells Piccolo to charge his energy for a beam canon, and Gohan says he will go full power to buy time.

Whis asks how Beerus feels knowing that Champa may get erased soon. The god brushes off the note as Goku goes up against Ribrianne’s male counterpart. The Androids also continue their fight as the Omni-Kings fawn over Goku. The Grand Priest says Universe 7 must be growing tired after having fought for so long while 2 and 6 have saved their heavy-hitters for now.

With Piccolo, he is seen hitting Pirina with a Special Beam Canon. It does nothing, and the fighter is able to throw back a huge energy blast. Piccolo wakes up in his inner-world where Kami and Nail are. They tell him to wake up, and Piccolo realizes Gohan took the blow for him. His full power saved Piccolo, and Gohan asks his mentor to charge his energy once more.

Gohan continues to fight the Namekians while Piccolo struggles to his feet. With Goku, the hero is seen holding back an attack before the Androids’ fighters team up for a joint attack. They raise their power once more and join energy to create a black hole of love. The massive heart is known as Pretty Black Hole, and the Universe 7 trio becomes trapped. However, Goku does not seem powered. The hero says the power of love is strong, but it cannot compare to Goku’s fighting drive. Goku goes SSB and prepares a Kamehameha while Gohan does the same.

Across the arena, both Saiyans launch their attacks. Gohan has to use his power against the joint effort of Universe 6, and the others make a move to hit Gohan up close. Piccolo jumps in with a beam canon to eliminate the duo. As for Universe 2, the trio are eliminated when Goku’s massive Kamehameha breaks apart their Pretty Black Hole. The Grand Priest confirms the two universes have been eliminated.

Whis explains why Goku has not gone Ultra again. His body has yet to acclimate to it, but repeated crises can help Goku use Ultra Instinct on command. However, Whis says Goku may now need even bigger threats to push him into the form now that his body is growing used to the form.


The Omni-Kings prepare to get rid of Universe 2 and 6. The former go with pride and encourage the others to take their love and use it as strength. Android 18 calls the team a cool one, and Vados begins to cry about Universe 6 being eliminated as she saddles up to Whis.

With Universe 6, Caulifla makes good on her promise by chasing the Namekians in their Super Saiyan form. Champa watches and calls out to Beerus. The latter looks quietly as Cabba bids Vegeta a goodbye. Champa sticks his tongue out at Beerus before he gets erased, and the latter turns back to the arena. Vegeta is then seen facing Katopesla, and the Saiyan tells the Universe 4 fighters to square up since he’s in a terrible mood now.