Dragon Ball Super: What We Know About Chapter 74

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 is about to drop - but if you want the inside look at what's going [...]

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 is about to drop - but if you want the inside look at what's going down in this next pivotal chapter of the manga, we have it for you! Dragon Ball Super's current "Granolah The Survivor" arc has seen Goku and Vegeta battling a formidable new alien (Granolah) whose power has been boosted beyond all other fighters by a new set of Dragon Balls. Granolah is so powerful, in fact, that he's bested Goku's new level of Ultra Instinct power, without even stepping a (real) foot onto the battlefield. But now Granolah will have to really fight Vegeta, and all the new powers Destroyer powers the Saiyan Prince has learned.

Based on some early draft page leaks of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74, here's what we know:

It looks like Vegeta begins by trying to talk some sense into Granolah - in his signature Vegeta way. First Vegeta threatens Granolah by saying his clone body tricks won't work like they did on Goku - but he also does explain that he no longer works for Freeza, and is in fact a nemesis of the evil overlord. That's good: if there was no attempt at communication here, the fight between Granolah and Goku would seem Hokey.

Meanwhile, the Sugarians of Planet Cereal are trying to get the hell out of dodge before another ground-shaking fight jumps off.

Even though Vegeta tries to reason with Granolah, the Cerealian warrior doesn't buy it. Granolah thinks Vegeta is just trying to bluff to avoid the retribution that's coming; even though his A.I. assistant Oatmeal pleads with him, Granolah refuses to listen.

Even when Vegeta explains he would've been just a kid when Planet Cereal was exterminated by Freeza's Saiyan Great Apes, Granolah still wants payback. From all Saiyans. At that point, Vegeta stops trying the diplomatic route and powers up to Super Saiyan (form uncertain) and gets on with the battle!

Dragon Ball Super 74 Spoilers Preview

Dragon Ball Super's Granolah Arc has really entertained with its bold retcons of the larger Dragon Ball mythos, and its deeper characterization and context for the unfolding conflict. A lot of that comes down to Granolah himself, and the ability to present him as a compelling (but still likable) antagonist for Goku and Vegeta - who really isn't a "villain" in the traditional sense.

Hopefully, Granolah continues to straddle the line and doesn't get too obnoxious as a fighter and opponent. A lot of Dragon Ball fans have been pulling for him to become a larger character in the franchise, and fun new kind of ally that can actually stand alongside Goku and Vegeta (sorry Z-Fighters).

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 will be released free on Shonen Jump on Thursday.