Dragon Ball Super's Next Arc: Everything We Know So Far

Dragon Ball Super is about to start an exciting new arc and to help fans prepare for it, we've compiled everything you need to know about it! Read below for all the questions about the new Dragon Ball story arc, and all the information and answers we know (so far). As more details get revealed and/or confirmed we'll return to update this article – so be sure to throw in a bookmark!

Where Can I Find Dragon Ball Super's New Arc? 


The new Dragon Ball Super story arc, will take place exclusively in the pages of the Dragon Ball Super manga series, which is featured in Shonen Jump. At this time there are no plans for it to get an anime adaptation. 

When Does Dragon Ball Super's New Arc Begin? 

The next Dragon Ball Super Story arc is set to begin on December 20th. The Dragon Ball Super manga has been on hiatus for months now, following the conclusion of one the series' longest-running arcs, "Granolah The Survivor". Fans wondered why there was a hiatus taking place – and now we know. 


What Is the Title of Dragon Ball Super's New Story Arc?

The new Dragon Ball Super story arc is titled "Super Hero". It's a very conspicuous title, indeed, in that it is the second time, this year, that the franchise will be using it. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was also the title of the second Dragon Ball Super feature-film anime, which was released in US theaters in summer 2022 and is now the franchise's top-grossing theatrical release.  Right now, it's unclear just how connected the movie and manga are, but there are some big clues that they definitely could be. 

What Is Dragon Ball Super's Super Hero Arc About? 

(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

The first look at Dragon Bal Super's new Super Hero Arc features the aged-up Goten and Trunks wearing superhero costumes. That certainly seems to imply that the manga is continuing the story of the Super Hero movie, which saw Gohan and Piccolo (and the other Z-Fighters) step up and defend Earth while Goku Vegeta have been off-world, fighting the battles covered in the previous manga storylines of the last few years. 

Again, any Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie and manga arc connections, are just speculation right now, but it would be a smart move by Toei to finally sync the manga, anime, and film sides of the franchise. 

Where Can I Read Dragon Ball Super's Manga


Shonen Jump has a unique format where it releases new manga chapters free online – including Dragon Ball Super! You have to be a paying subscriber to access the full library of chapters, but the price is cheap – just $1.99/mo for all the manga you can read. 

If you are just looking to jump into Dragon Ball Super with this new arc, then you can do so for FREE! Just go to Shonen Jump's Dragon Ball Super Page to read the latest few chapters.