Dragon Ball Super Surprises with SPOILER's Last-Minute Save

Dragon Ball Super's newest chapter surprises with one huge last-minute save! The previous chapter of the series ended on a major cliffhanger as Goku's mercy for Moro backfired in a major way. Moro ended up using his abilities to fuse with the Earth itself, and thus now poses not only a threat to everyone on the planet but many throughout the universe instead. Defeating Moro ended up becoming much tougher for Goku, and only the efforts of the entire extended Z Fighter crew were enough to help deal the final blow. But even then it just wasn't enough.

As Goku struggles to reach the crystal on Moro's forehead to release all of the built up power left from Merus' angelic energy, he needs to rely on the gathered energy from the other Z Fighters and their extended family. But when this isn't enough, he gets one final boost of godly power from one surprising return -- Uub.

Chapter 66 of the series sees even Ultra Instinct Goku struggle against Moro's new planetoid form. Although Vegeta returns and begins striking the Earth in an effort to drain as much power from Moro as possible (to counteract Moro's constant energy absorption), their efforts aren't enough as Goku is caught before he can reach Moro's crystal. Moro starts draining Goku of energy, and Goku realizes he doesn't have enough godly power.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 Goku Vegeta Uub Save Spoilers Manga
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This sparks an idea in Jaco's head, and it's soon revealed that he went to get Majin Buu in order to awaken the Grand Supreme Kai within him once more. Tying back into the first conflict of the arc, the Grand Supreme Kai heads to Uub's village and gets him to send a massive ball of godly power to Goku. It's confirmed that Uub was born with the godly power inherited from Grand Supreme Kai after getting absorbed by Majin Buu, and it's a huge amount of power just in time.


This gets Goku to an even stronger version of his Ultra Instinct than before, and Goku is able to break the crystal and defeat Moro once and for all. This reveal for Uub definitely puts the events of End of Z in a new light, and opens up even more possibilities for the future. But what do you think?

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