Dragon Ball Super Trolls Fans With a Beerus Fake-Out

Dragon Ball Super trolled fans hard with a major Beerus fake-out in the newest chapter of the series. Ever since he was brought into the franchise as the key opponent in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Beerus has been a major point of interest due to what he might be able to do at any given time. While previous arcs of the series had seen Beerus happily ignoring the Earth's problems, the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc saw him nearly getting involved in a fight between mortals in order to save the Earth from destruction.

But as fans know too well by now, this tease ended up not leading to much more than a trolling from Dragon Ball Super as Beerus is called away from the battle at the very last moment. Just right when he was finally going to make a move against Moro and end the fight that way, Beerus ended up not being able to help at all.

Chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super sees Beerus finally make a move. Seeing how badly the fight against Moro has gone as Ultra Instinct Goku struggles to defeat Moro's new Earth fusion. With a tight deadline to defeat the villain before he explodes, Beerus realizes that he has to step in as it's a "special case." Noting how losing Earth would be "troublesome" to him, Beerus steps forward against Moro.

Dragon Ball Super Beerus Fake-Out Trolling Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

Wanting to do something before the other Gods of Destruction catch him saving the Earth, Beerus is unable to do anything as suddenly Whis is contacted by the Grand Priest. Whis reveals that Beerus has been summoned by the Grand Priest in a matter concerning Merus' disappearance, and Beerus drops all concerns about the Earth in order to deal with this more pressing matter. He and Whis leave shortly after as he asks Goku to save him some of Earth's food if the planet explodes.


After finally seeing Beerus resolve himself to make a move in the increasing scale of this fight (noting just how far Goku has come in this battle alone), this major fake-out definitely stings. But at the same time, it does hint at the kind of level the series will be operating on in the future. Because if Beerus almost got involved with all of this it must be a big deal like the time he Hakai'd Zamasu during the Future Trunks arc.

What did you think of Dragon Ball Super trolling fans with a Beerus fake out? Does this mean we could see Beerus take a more active role in the series' future fights? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!