Dragon Ball Super Reveals Moro's Mutated Final Form

Dragon Ball Super's newest chapter reveal one final, strange form for Planet Eater Moro. The newest chapter of the series picked up immediately after Goku showed mercy to Moro, and it backfired big time. The cliffhanger for that chapter saw Moro use his body (now brimming with divine power thanks to a leftover copy of Merus) to fuse with the Earth, creating an awful new form. But as the newest chapter of the manga continued, fans saw as Moro continued to change and evolve in increasingly distressing ways as the power within him continued to swell.

Because while Moro's new Earth form seemed to take Moro to the next level of power, its unnatural fusion continued to progress in a way that made Moro lose all of his sense of self as he grew into a major monster far removed from the cunning, threatening villain we were introduced to at the beginning of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc.

Chapter 66 sees Moro's new form give Goku and huge challenge as he continues to draw energy from every living being still on the Earth. But as he grows in size, his ability to manipulate the Earth grows as well as he manages to grab Goku in mid-air. But something weird seems to be happening to Moro at the same time as the divine power runs in him.

Dragon Ball Super Moro Final Form Earth Fusion Disfigured Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

He stops speaking in full sentences, and his face begins to contort in an unrecognizable way. Vegeta notes that Moro has absorbed so much power that he's now becoming insane because of it. Moro can only laugh and grunt from this point forward, and he can't really defend himself in the same way in this mutated form.

This ends up being a major stroke of luck for Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters, however, as they are able to make a last minute gambit to defeat Moro. Gathering their energy together to fuel one last major attack for Goku, Moro was successfully defeated and defused with the Earth thanks to the destruction of his forehead crystal.


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