Dragon Ball: Did Goku's Ultra Instinct Mastery Put Him on the Grand Priest's Radar?

Dragon Ball Super's long-running Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has come to an end - but that ending has raised some big questions about what's coming next in the series. In order to defeat Moro, Goku had to (finally) master the strange godly power of Ultra Instinct, which he first stumbled into during the epic Tournament of Power arc. Unfortunately, Goku made the error of allowing the villain to copy Ultra Instinct, resulting in an unstable form that threatened to annihilate Earth and the Galaxy. Those events may have now put Goku on the radar of the Grand Priest and other divine leaders - and not in a good way.

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Manga SPOILERS Follow!

The final part of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc saw Goku unlock Perfect Ultra Instinct, yes, but the milestone power boost came at a steep cost. When Goku faltered in the battle against Moro (and nearly died), it was his new friend and mentor, Galactic Patrolman Merus, who stepped in to fight Moro and protect Goku. Merus was actually an angel, in unlocking his angelic powers to take on Moro violated Angelic Law, resulting in Merus being erased from existence. Grand Priest has already called on Beerus to answer for Merus' death, and it doesn't sound like the 'Father of Angels' is happy about losing this particular son.

Strike one.

Merus' death was the trigger that Goku needed to achieve the deep serenity and focus to achieve a stable, Perfected Ultra Instinct. With that godly level of power, Goku was able to manifest new techniques we've never seen before, in order to battle and subdue Moro after the villain fused with the Earth. Goku is no longer just a mortal fighter; those around him (including Beerus and Whis) recognize that Goku is now something on the level of a true god.

Strike two?

Dragon Ball Super Sets Up Goku vs Grand Priest Merus Death Manga 63

In achieving Ultra Instinct, Goku also represents the potential grave danger of mortals playing with godly power. Moro was able to steal the power of Ultra Instinct for himself, and use it for a nefarious purpose. Moro being able to take a power he hadn't earned - a power of god-like proportions - is pretty much a perversion of the entire divine order and its system of power. Goku isn't the only one out there, either: it was only the power of Uub (Goku's eventual successor from Dragon Ball Z) that allowed Goku the Ultra Instinct boost he needed to finish off Moro. So two mortals now walking around wielding divine power?


Strike three.

It seems all but impossible for Dragon Ball Super to return to the status quo the series has established. Goku just entered a whole new level of power, and the Grand Priest may be the first to judge it.