Dragon Ball Super Broly Contains One of Sean Schemmel's Favorite Scenes Yet

Recently, we here at Comicbook.com had the honor of having the voices of Goku and Vegeta, Sean [...]

Recently, we here at Comicbook.com had the honor of having the voices of Goku and Vegeta, Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat, join us in a Quarantine Watch Party with Dragon Ball Super: Broly, as the voice of Son Goku shared what he considers to be one of his favorite moments in the Dragon Ball franchise ever! The most recent feature length film of the popular Shonen franchise didn't just feature the in-canon introduction of Broly, but also the first time that Gogeta was born within the main continuity and giving Schemmel one of his best moments in the series!

As Broly arrived on Earth thanks in part to the machinations of the villain Freeza, the Legendary Super Saiyan's powers increased to the point where even the combined powers of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta weren't enough to claim victory. With the pair of Saiyan protagonists escaping, they look for aid from Piccolo who in turn walks them through how to perform the "Fusion Dance", allowing them to join together into one body for half an hour and become the insanely powerful warrior that is Gogeta. Of course, thanks to Vegeta's pride, the Saiyan Prince isn't exactly sold on the idea from the start, giving us a hilarious moment in the franchise!

Sean Schemmel took to Twitter during our Quarantine Watch Party, filling fans in on the fact that the quarrel between Goku and Vegeta over whether or not they should perform the embarrassing looking Fusion Dance was one of the voice actors favorite moments in the entirety of the Dragon Ball franchise:

Dragon Ball Super: Broly ended with the two Saiyans performing the Fusion Dance, creating a being who was more than powerful enough to take down the Legendary Super Saiyan. While the final blow wasn't struck against Broly thanks to a wish to Shenron, it's clear that Vegeta's overcoming of his own pride was enough to save the day when all was said and done. It will be interesting to see when, or if, both Broly and Gogeta appear in the franchise of Dragon Ball Super as the manga marches forward!

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