'Dragon Ball Super' Confirms Bulma's New Mission, Voice Actress

The team behind Dragon Ball Super: Broly has confirmed the new voice actress behind Bulma, as well [...]

The team behind Dragon Ball Super: Broly has confirmed the new voice actress behind Bulma, as well as her new mission in the upcoming film.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Bulma will be voiced by actress Aya Hisakawa. In the main series, she was portrayed by Hiromi Tsuru, who was the voice of Bulma as far back as 1986 in the original Dragon Ball anime. Tsuru has played Bulma in Dragon Ball movies, video games and series for decades, but she passed away in November at the age of 57. Hisakawa, who has a storied career in anime and music, will be the first other actress to take on the role.

In addition, promotional materials for the movie have given a hint at Bulma's role in the upcoming movie's plot. The heiress to Capsule Corp. is back in the field with her Dragon Radar, according to translations posted to the Dragon Ball franchise subreddit. In the beginning of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Bulma will be hunting down Dragon Balls yet again, though she'll be keeping her exact motive a secret from Goku and the rest of her friends.

A few other tidbits have been compiled as the premiere date draws near. From the looks of it, Goku begins the movie by searching for new ways to gain power, as usual. The plot finds Vegeta in a bit of a panic, as he feels the revived Frieza is too dangerous to have in the universe.

Meanwhile, Frieza himself is biding his time as the film begins, looking for any way he can to take revenge on Goku for having defeating him twice now. judging by the posters and print ads, it looks like the former emperor's army will have a serious role in the story as well.

Not much can be ruled out about the movie so far, as it is set to be one of the biggest productions in the franchise's history. The creative team behind the film have been out doing itnerviews recently, suggesting that Dragon Ball Super: Broly will go well beyond any previous Dragon Ball movie in scope.

In an interview with the official Dragon Ball website, translated by Todd Blankenship, producer Norihiro Hayashida called the movie a "grand space opera."

"I wondered if DB could pull that off, but it all clicked once I read the storyline," he said.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly hits theaters in Japan on Friday, Dec. 14. It is expected in the U.S. some time in January.