Dragon Ball Super Debuts Goku's Surprising Battle Strategy

Dragon Ball Super is already working towards its new chapter, but in the meantime, fans are left to theorize about what's next for our heroes. With Gas back on the battlefield, things just got interesting for Granolah and our Saiyan fighters. The baddie has gotten a huge power boost, and Granolah took a big hit this month. So when Goku revealed his latest battle strategy, well – it took most fans by surprise.

The update went live when chapter 78 hit shelves, and Goku was front and center. The Saiyan checked on Vegeta after Gas took Granolah down, and Goku took time to share his latest strategy with his friend in the downtime.

"Vegeta, go back and find your armor. I'll try to hold my own in the meantime. Eat it as soon as you find it," Goku tells Vegeta after learning about his friend's senzu bean. It turns out Vegeta tossed the snack a few chapters back when his armor was shedded. Now, Vegeta needs the bean to heal up ahead of his confrontation with Gas.

"You can transform into Freaky-Face Mode again and beat Gas," Goku shares. And of course, the Saiyan launches himself back into battle before Vegeta can correct him on Ultra Ego.

As you can see, Goku has thought through a plan here, but Dragon Ball Super fans did not expect him to instruct Vegeta as such. Our hero is a sucker when it comes to fighting, and Goku will take any chance to put a villain down. The fact that he's wanting Vegeta to heal up and defeat Gas using Ultra Ego goes against a lot of Goku's way of life. It could be that Goku wants to share the spotlight, but other fans are theorizing the Saiyan might be in worse shape than we thought from his last fight. So if that is the case, well – Vegeta and Granolah will need to come out of the gate swinging.

What do you think about Goku's change of pace here? Where do you think this endgame will take him in this Dragon Ball Super arc? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.