Dragon Ball Super Reveals Monaito's Most Important Request

Dragon Ball Super revealed Monaito's most important request with the newest chapter of the series! The Granolah the Survivor arc has been one of the most complicated arcs of the series thus far as Goku and Vegeta have suddenly found themselves against a foe and problem that they couldn't just punch their way out of. Not only were they much weaker than Granolah, but also learned that there are many layers to Granolah's backstory that makes him even more of a tragic figure than previous chapters of the series seemed to lead on. 

While Granolah had been blaming Frieza and the Saiyans for the death of his mother and people for his life thus far, the fighter had learned in the previous chapter that it was actually a Saiyan that had saved him as a child and kept the Heeters from killing him. This Saiyan was Goku's father, Bardock, and it seems that connection and seeing Goku's power in action was enough for Monaito to put a huge burden on Goku's shoulders and made the important request of saving Granolah from the Heeters' wrath. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

It was revealed in Chapter 78 that while Bardock had saved Granolah and Monaito from the Heeters during the initial destruction of Planet Cereal, it was something far more insidious that kept them alive. Elec had realized that Granolah became a notable bounty hunter in the years since that attack, and rather than kill the child to tie up all the loose ends, he decides to "hire" Granolah and use him to further their means. All the while, Monaito was forced to further hide his guilt and never tell Granolah the truth lest the Heeters kill them both. 

Monaito has been carrying this weight over lying to Granolah's face for all of their years together, but he sees hope in this current fight that there's a way out for them both. That's why although he feels like he has no grounds to make the request, he asks Goku to save Granolah. Notably, it's not a request to save himself but to make sure Granolah lives through all of this. It might be a sign of doom for the Namekian, but would bring his time with Granolah together full circle. 

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