Dragon Ball Super Flashback Explains Why Granolah Was Allowed to Live

Dragon Ball Super explained why Granolah was kept alive with a flashback in the newest chapter of the series! The Granolah the Survivor arc has reached a new phase as the previous chapter of the series ended the fight between Granolah, Goku and Vegeta. Granolah had discovered that all of his anger for the Saiyans had been misplaced, and it was actually a Saiyan (Goku's father Bardock) who ended up saving. But as revealed with the truth behind the death of Granolah's mother, the young Granolah's life was in the balance as well. 

Yet, he was allowed to live. Monaito had revealed that Elec and the Heeters were the ones who actually killed Granolah's mother, and the previous chapter teased that somehow Bardock was able to save Monaito and Granolah the night of the Saiyans' attack on Planet Cereal. But that only explained how Granolah and Monaito survived a single night, and the newest chapter of the series explained how Granolah was not only allowed to live beyond that first night but continue working under the Heeters and kept alive as a powerful tool until the present day. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 78 of the series sees Granolah angry at Monaito as he knowingly allowed Granolah to work under the Heeters knowing what they had done, but Granolah himself doesn't get the full picture until later. When Gas emerges as a much stronger being thanks to a wish made by the Heeters, he reveals that he's been hating Granolah all this time because the Heeters relied on him instead of just Gas alone. When Granolah asks why he was kept alive if Gas hated him so much, the answer was far more treacherous. 

Gas explains that the Heeters didn't find out about Granolah's survival until years after the fact, and by that point Granolah had become such a well known hunter that Elec considered it a waste to kill him outright. A flashback then reveals that Elec had forced Monaito to keep quite about the truth, and hired the young and naive Granolah to work for him as a bounty hunter. So Granolah's past is even more tragic than just the loss of his mother and planet. He was literally made a pawn of those who killed his people in the first place. 

It sheds a much more three-dimensional light on Granolah, and potentially sets the stag for a more heroic turn. But what do you think of these reveals? How are you feeling about Granolah now? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!