Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Is Now the Anime's Top-Grossing Film

Dragon Ball Super has done it again. Just when you think the series has peaked, it finds more ways to rake in dough. Earlier this year, that was made clear when Toei Animation walked about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero with Gohan at the lead. And now, the latest box office numbers have confirmed the movie is the anime's top-grossing feature to date.

The update comes courtesy of Toei Animation itself as its latest fiscal numbers were shared. It turns out the movie has officially crossed 13.8 yen, and that means its global return in Japan has broken a record. After all, Dragon Ball Super: Broly raked in 13.5 billion yen over its theatrical run, so it has lost its crown at last.

Interestingly enough, this victory was easy to miss thanks to an issue with the exchange rate. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's global gross in yen outperforms that of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. However, the story is different when you convert yen to USD. Due to the exchange rate, the lifetime gross of Dragon Ball's latest film is $94 million USD compared to the $125 million made by Dragon Ball Super: Broly. But when it comes to this shonen series, the numbers from Japan count where the bottom line is concerned.

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Obviously, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero did well for itself, and its success comes despite little online marketing. The movie was not advertised as heavily as Dragon Ball Super: Broly was stateside which rankled fans on social media. Even without a heavy marketing campaign, fans showed out in droves for Gohan and Piccolo as they took on the Red Ribbon Army. And now, it seems their support has helped the IP outdo itself once more.

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