Dragon Ball Super Poster Gives Future Trunks a Samurai Makeover

Dragon Ball Super gave fans of Dragon Ball Z a big return for the future version of the son of [...]

Dragon Ball Super gave fans of Dragon Ball Z a big return for the future version of the son of Vegeta and Bulma in Trunks, and one fan artist has taken the opportunity to give him a samurai makeover that imagines what the pink-haired swordsman would have looked like in an entirely different era. Though Trunks has yet to return following his participation in the Goku Black Arc in the latest Shonen sequel, there are still plenty of fans that consider the time-traveling warrior to be one of the best characters that Akira Toriyama has ever created.

During the Goku Black Arc, Trunks returned to the past to get help with a brand new villain that happened to be the spitting image of Son Goku, revealing that he had been training hard in the future and had achieved the transformation of Super Saiyan 2. With Goku and Vegeta traveling to the future to give him a major assist against the doppelganger and the rogue Kaioshin known as Zamasu, Trunks was given a mysterious new transformation that helped in defeating the villain. With Goku Black and Zamasu defeated, Trunks traveled back to a future that wasn't his own, leading many fans to wonder if we'll ever see him return.

Twitter Artist Kenji 893 shared this amazing take on the son of Vegeta, giving Trunks a brand new aesthetic that works perfectly for the "Blade of Hope" that helped cut Freeza in half as well as battling against the Androids and Cell during Dragon Ball Z's Cell Saga:

Currently, Goku and Vegeta could certainly use some help as they are battling against a character in the manga who has used the Dragon Balls to become the strongest mortal in the universe. Granolah is an intergalactic bounty hunter whose race was eradicated by the Saiyans during their planet-destroying campaign and is seeking revenge against the Z Fighters specifically. With Vegeta unleashing a new transformation being referred to as the "Instinct of the Conqueror," one has to wonder if we'll eventually see his son wield the same power in the future.

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