Dragon Ball Needs to Quit Nerfing Future Trunks

Dragon Ball Super is a worldwide phenomenon, built it was definitely built off the trailblazing success of Dragon Ball Z. However, even though DBS is a continuation of DBZ's story, it has been criticized by a lot of fans for dropping a lot of threads that it predecessor started weaving. Gohan's (lack of) evolution is a constant debate - but there's also another son of a famous Saiyan hero that's been greatly squandered in the series: Future Trunks. Even though he's made big returns in modern Dragon Ball story arcs, Future Trunks just hasn't gotten the kind of due he deserves.

Bottom line: Dragon Ball needs to quit nerfing Future Trunks!

Future Trunks was the pivotal player of Dragon Ball Z's Android / Cell Saga, and returned again for Dragon Ball Super's big "Future Trunks Arc", which was (obviously) named after him. However, even when Future Trunks was the namesake of an entire Dragon Ball Super storyline, he still wasn't the highlight of the story. Future Trunks Arc's mystery about Goku Black / Future Zamasu was a major focus - and the final battle was really about Goku and Vegeta and their Super Saiyan Blue Vegito battle. Future Trunks got a Spirit Bomb sword, which wasn't all that exciting, all things considered.

The thing is, with every version of Future Trunks, it's clear that the young Saiyan was trained extremely well, no matter if his mentors were Future Gohan, Vegeta, etc. He's also the son of Vegeta and Bulma; Future Trunks' raw power potential, and natural intelligence as both battle strategist and tech-science prodigy, is inherently part of his character. Yet Dragon Ball hasn't let any of it truly blossom.

Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Super Saiyan Rage

Based on what Dragon Ball Super revealed with the "Super Saiyan Rage" power debut (which has been quickly dropped), Future Trunks should have power on par with Gohan, yet he's never even had anything close to a Gohan-level moment in the series. In fact, ironically enough, Gohan's big Super Saiyan 2 debut against Cell is a fight that Future Trunks was arguably robbed of, to begin with!


Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime has been making some expanded use of Future Trunks' character - but even there, no real standout moments for the character (not that a lot of fans would count them, anyway). There's a reason that Future Trunks has remained a major icon in Dragon Ball lore (in artwork, and even in fashion!) and the franchise needs to do better by the kid! What do you want to see from Future Trunks do next in Dragon Ball? Let us know in the comments!