Dragon Ball Super Details Gas' Final Form Names

Dragon Ball Super gave Gas a number of distinct forms over the course of the Granolah the Survivor arc, and the series has finally dished the details on what each of these forms is actually called! The Granolah the Survivor arc was filled with plenty of twists and turns as Goku and Vegeta realized that their main foe wasn't going to be the titular Granolah, but instead one of the Heeters, Gas, as Elec and the others worked on moving their grand plan forward. As Gas continued to fight against the Saiyans and Granolah, he grew to new levels of power.

As the fight grew more intense, Gas had about four different main forms that ended up getting official names from the Dragon Ball Super manga's team. There was his unleashed power form, his form that came about thanks to wish on the Dragon Balls, and his tragic final form along with other variants along the way. As detailed Shueisha's V-Jump Interval Special (as spotted by @DBSChronicles on Twitter), there were four in particular that got proper names: 

What are the Names of Gas' Forms in Dragon Ball Super? 

As translated from Japanese, Gas' four forms break down as such: 

  • Enhanced/Powered By Dragon Balls State
  • Instincts Liberated State
  • Awakened State
  • Old State

Gas went through these four distinct forms over his fight with Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah, and it really pushed his body to the brink with each one. When Elec wished to make Gas the strongest on the Dragon Balls, it unwittingly made Gas sacrifice many more years off of his life in order to quickly grow his power. His body adjusted to make up the difference in his lack of training, and thus is ended with his old and decaying state at the end of the fight. 

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Gas' final form was indeed a shocking one as it was pretty traumatic shift from the more muscular and powerful versions before, and further served to showcase how his brother was using him as a pawn. It was even more tragic was it was revealed to be ultimately meaningless when someone even stronger showed up later, and now the future of the series is more uncertain than ever. 

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