Dragon Ball Super Reveals Gas' Wild New Powers

Since Dragon Ball Super's latest arc began, fans have been keeping their collective eye on the diminutive character for Gas, a member of Dragon Ball Super's new crime family syndicate, The Heeters. Like so many Dragon Ball villains, fans knew that Gas' small size was a red herring, and that his hard demeanour was a red flag for a fearsome power he was hiding. In its most recent chapters, this new Granolah Arc storyline has revealed both a deep history between Gas and Dragon Ball heroes Goku and Vegeta – and now a brand new form and set of powers Gas has unlocked! 

WARNING: Dragon Ball Super Manga SPOILERS Follow! 

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78, Gas finally takes the battlefield on Planet Cereal, where Goku and Vegeta have been locked in a fierce battle with Granolah, the sole surviving Cerealian. That battle was finally stopped with the reveal (from Granolah's elderly Namekian friend Monaito) that it was Goku's father Bardock who stepped up to fight the Heeters (including a fierce duel with Gas) and saved Granolah's life. However, the truce comes too late as The Heeters got all the time they needed with the fighters all distracted, in order to put their real scheme into motion! 

We get the reveal that Heeters leader Elec used the two Cerealian Dragon Balls to wish for one thing: that his little brother Gas becomes 'strongest warrior in the universe' just as Granolah had before him! 


The Dragon Ball wish transforms Gas from a small, impish alien into a tall, strapping, hard-odied fighter (classic Dragon Ball...). That's not all: Gas's new form comes with a crazy new set of powers, as well – a "ki manipulation technique" that let's Gas form all kinds of energy construct weapons, shields, and even binding traps. Goku gets floored and locked down by gravity-heavy cubes bound to his arms and legs, and nearly gets cut in half; Granolah gets stabbed, cut, bashed, and blasted with an entire arsenal of weapons that Gas conjures! This is all in addition to the (obviously) top-tier levels of pure power, speed, and durability Gas now has, thanks to his wish. 

Now that we seem to have the central villain (at least fighting villain) center stage in this Granolah Arc, it all seems like pretty familiar territory for a Dragon Ball story. With the level of power Gas now possesses, it will clearly take a team-up between the former strongest warrior in the universe (Granolah) and two Saiyans constantly evolving to be the strongest (Goku and Vegeta) to take down Gas and payback the Karmac debt owed to the Heeters

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