Dragon Ball Super Surprises With Goku's Near-Death Scare

Dragon Ball Super surprised fans with Goku's scary near-death experience in the newest chapter of the manga! The Granolah the Survivor arc has reached a surprising new phase as Granolah had discovered the real cause of his mother's death. It was revealed that while the Saiyans had killed his people, it was actually a Saiyan who saved him from this in the first place. Then the rug was pulled out from Granolah even more when he realized that the Heeters he had been working for all of his life were the ones who had orchestrated all of that death. 

Goku had already been on the edge thanks to the fight against Granolah pushing him to his limits, and while Granolah learning about his past gave Goku a brief reprieve from fighting, he soon finds himself face to face against another challenger that is not only much stronger than Granolah, but has Goku as close to death as he has been in quite a while. In fact, he was pretty near close to getting his head cut clean off of his shoulders thanks to Gas' sudden power boost in the newest chapter. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 78 of the series picks up immediately after Granolah learns about his past from Monaito, and it's revealed that the Heeters have successfully obtained the Dragon Balls and make their wish. That wish makes Gas the new strongest being in the universe, and he launches straight at Goku and the others in order to tie up some loose ends. It's quickly revealed that he's much stronger than even Granolah can handle, and both Goku and Vegeta are so worn out that the two of them don't really stand a chance either. 

It even gets to the point where Gas' abilities manage to take Goku by such a surprise that he nearly dies. First, Gas uses his ki ability to form heavy blocks around Goku that pin him to the ground. He can't quite struggle himself free from them, and Gas nearly beheads him with an axe made out of ki. Thankfully, Granolah manages to stop Gas with a well placed ki blast just in time so that he misses Goku. It's a very close call, however, as Goku realizes just how close to death he really was. 

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