Dragon Ball Super Debuts Gas' Post-Wish Transformation

Dragon Ball Super debuted Gas' post-wish transformation with the newest chapter of the series! Throughout the Granolah the Survivor arc much of the focus has been on the titular Granolah while one of the most curious stories bubbling on the back burner was the Heeters and their grand plan. Together with this, it was also teased how Gas was key to their plan's overall success and he was continually touted as a strong being on par with the likes of Frieza and even Granolah's strongest in the universe self. 

But the previous chapter had teased that the Heeters would be making their wish when they had finally collected both of Monaito's Dragon Balls, and the newest chapter of the series makes good on this promise. The Heeters are able to make their wish, and while we don't get to see what this exact wish actually is, it's soon revealed that the result of that wish was to make Gas the new strongest being in the universe. And like Granolah, Gas goes through a major physical transformation as a result. 

(Photo: Viz Media)

Chapter 78 of the series reveals that the Heeters were able to make their wish successfully, but it happens off-panel. All we get to see is the fallout of that wish as Goku and Vegeta suddenly sense that a massive new power is coming their way. This is soon confirmed to be Gas, who has grown to a new height and has a much more muscular form than before. This implies that he had undergone the same kind of quick post-wish transformation that Granolah did when he made his own wish to become the strongest in the universe. 

It's clear that Gas is much stronger, but there are still many questions lingering about the after effects of this quick transformation. It was revealed that Granolah's wish needed to compensate by advancing his body's age 50 years, and there's a wonder if Elec had made that same kind of deal for Gas' new form without his brother's explicit knowledge or even consent. But that's something we'll see play out in future chapters. 

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