Dragon Ball: Will Ultra Instinct Goku Have to Obey the Angel Laws?

Dragon Ball Super made some major changes during its Galactic Patrol Prisoner storyline. In order [...]

Dragon Ball Super made some major changes during its Galactic Patrol Prisoner storyline. In order to beat new villain Moro, Goku had to fully master the divine power of Ultra Instinct. In achieving Perfected Ultra Instinct, Goku has entered a whole new level of power - one that could put him at odds with the Grand Priest and other gods of the universe. However, while a lot of Dragon Ball fans are concerned with Goku and Vegeta potentially having to fight the gods and angels, there is another immediate question that needs to be answered: do Goku's new god-level powers come at the price of the Angelic Laws?

Warning Dragon Ball Super manga SPOILERS Follow

In order to master Ultra Instinct, Goku had to first suffer the loss of his new friend and mentor, Merus. It turns out Merus was an angel disguised as a mortal agent of the Galactic Patrol, in order to learn more about the process of justice. When Moro nearly killed Goku and had Earth in his clutches, Merus appeared to fight the villain using his divine powers. However, divine law (specifically "Angelic Law") forbids angels from unleashing divine power on the mortal plane. For violating that law, Merus was erased from existence.

Dragon Ball fans have been wondering what larger purpose Merus' death may have served, but the answer may be as simple as Merus' sacrifice foreshadowing the rules that Goku will now have to abide by.

The purpose of Angelic Law is to not only restrain the angels but to keep the mortal universe safe from levels of power that could annihilate it. The first time Goku achieved that power, it was in the Tournament of Power, an event held outside the mortal realm, which was sanctioned by the gods. Goku's Ultra Instinct fight with Moro on Earth has no such leeway; it was powerful enough to shake the entire Earth to its core, and when Moro copied an unstable form of Ultra Instinct, the resulting imbalance turned the villain into a living bomb capable of wiping out the entire universe.

Dragon Ball Super Goku Ultra Instinct Powers Angelic Law Rules

So clearly, the Angelic Laws have a good reason for restricting the use of godly power - and the fact that those laws are being circumvented by mortals won't go unnoticed. Grand Priest is already pulling rank on Beerus to get answers about Merus' death - it doesn't seem like we have long before Goku could be summoned forth and informed that he won't be able to just use Ultra Instinct on whatever whim he chooses.

It would be a very Dragon Ball thing to let Goku finally master Ultra Instinct, only to immediately create some caveat for why he will hardly be able to use it, going forward.

You can read new Dragon Ball Super manga chapters HERE. The Anime is still on hiatus.