Dragon Ball Super Drops Major Hints About The Future of God-Level Battles

Dragon Ball Super has reached the end of its epic (read: long) Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc. The [...]

Dragon Ball Super has reached the end of its epic (read: long) Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc. The final battle between Goku and Planet-Eater Moro went to some of the most bizarre lengths we've ever seen in the series. Moro fused with planet Earth itself in his last-ditch effort to beat Goku, while Goku tapped into a Perfected Ultra Instinct to take on Moro. However, to beat Planet-sized Moro Goku had to utilize more of Ultra Instinct's powers than ever before. In doing so, Dragon Ball Super has also given us a first taste of how Dragon Ball's battles are about to evolve in a big way!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 66 SPOILERS Follow!

Beating Planet-Sized Moro proves to be as ridiculously hard as it is ridiculous. Goku fights with the stabilized Perfected Ultra Instinct harder than he ever has, but it's not enough. Moro can form all kinds of limbs from the ground and uses them to defend his only vulnerable point: the jewel on his forehead. Whis informed Goku that the last power-copying module that Moro took from Android Seven-Three was the key to defeating the villain but getting to the crown jewel was another thing entirely.

By inhabiting the entire planet, Moro is able to suck the life force from everyone on it, at once - including Goku and Vegeta. Moro snares Goku in a grip of earth and drains him of his Ultra Instinct energies. That leaves it up to Vegeta to use his Spirit Control powers on a new ability: Reverse Spirit Fission. In essence, Vegeta acts a rapid conduit to gather up energy from other fighters and earthlings and channel it into Goku, thereby rekindling his Ultra Instinct power. It takes a major donation of godly energy from Dragon Ball Z's Uub, but Vegeta gets the job done.

That's where the battle between Goku and Moro takes on a new form - literally!

Dragon Ball Super Goku New Ultra Instinct God Powers Avatar
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

With his rekindled Ultra Instinct, Goku unleashes a new transformation in order to beat Moro. It's basically something out of Naruto and Sasuke's Susanoo form, as Goku manifest an entire giant avatar of himself, composed of godly energy. Goku hovers inside the construct with his eyes closed, maintaining the zen-like calm that's the true source of Ultra Instinct's insane power. Using the Avatar Goku is able to overpower Moro's Earth form until he can shoot his real body out like a torpedo to smash Moro's jewel.

This giant energy avatar that Goku manifests in order battle a planet-sized villain seems like the next level of Dragon Ball's ever-evolving fight mechanics. Ultra Instinct has opened a wide door for new techniques to be introduced, as Goku begins to face opponents who are god-level threats (possibly starting with Grand Priest).

It's just one more reason that we think Goku is ready for his own "Dragon Ball Gods" spinoff.