Dragon Ball Super Reveals the Actual Power of Granolah's Eye

Dragon Ball Super's new manga arc 'Granolah The Survivor' has introduced the titular new character [...]

Dragon Ball Super's new manga arc "Granolah The Survivor" has introduced the titular new character of Granolah to the franchise - and he keeps getting more interesting with every new chapter! As the sole survivor of the Cerealian race, Granloah was revealed to have an impressive array of powers - most notably his right eye, which gives a Cerealian hawk-like enhanced vision. At first, Granloah's eye seemingly allowed him to be a pin-point sharpshooter with his powerful finger blasts; however, in Dragon Ball Super chapter 72, we learn more about the power Granolah's eye truly has, and it only makes him more awesome!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 SPOILERS Follow!

Granolah is carrying a serious grudge after his people were annihilated by Saiyan Great Apes under Freeza's command, and to get the power he needed for revenge, he used a pair of Dragon Balls hidden on Cerealia to become the strongest warrior in the universe. When Goku and Vegeta arrive on Cerealia and battle Granolah, the bounty hunter floors Goku with a single finger blast to the back of the neck, which hits one of Goku's vital points. Only Vegeta's quick rescue with a Senzu bean gets Goku on his feet.

When Granolah finally battles Goku one-on-one, The Saiyan hero has to quickly pull out his full bag of transformation tricks in order to keep up. Even when Goku combines Super Saiyan God and Ultra Instinct, Granolah is able to again take him down with a single blow to Goku's midsection, striking yet another vital point.

Dragon Ball Super Granolah Eye Powers Vision 72 Spoilers

As Granolah explains, the combination of his natural Cerealian gifts and his power upgrade wish has made his right eye "the sharpest in the universe. It sees all." Not only can Granolah see with pinpoint accuracy across great distances, he can also see Goku's blood flow and muscle movements as they battle! That kind of sight allows Granolah to analyze Goku's body and discern even the smallest weak points to strike.

Granolah is on a different level than just about any other Dragon Ball fighter we've ever seen. Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro are truly introducing some novel and exciting new elements to Dragon Ball with this Granolah Arc, and it's nice to see that the Granolah himself is just as new and exciting of a warrior.

As for how Goku and Vegeta hope to beat a warrior this strong, fast, and packing all kinds of unique powers? The only hope may be making an ally out of Granolah, rather than an enemy.

Dragon Ball Super's new movie is coming in 2022. The manga releases new chapters free online every month.