Why Dragon Ball's Moro Arc Was Surprisingly Great for Jaco

Dragon Ball Super's Moro arc was surprisingly great for Jaco. Ever since he was first introduced to the series, Jaco offered yet another comedic foil for Goku and the others to bounce off of. But at the same time, he didn't quite offer a great look into the Galactic Patrol as he continued to rely on Goku and the others to bail him out and fix his mistakes. But with the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, we got to see how the rest of the Galactic Patrol operates and it truly highlighted just how incompetent Jaco could be for both himself and fans.

As the fight with Planet Eater Moro continued through the chapters, we saw how Jaco's fellow officers like Merus started to get under his skin. With Merus' death during the final fight, Jaco got the final bit of motivation he needed to actually provide some major help through the fight and even got Goku to the point he needed to be to defeat Moro.

Jaco is undoubtedly one of the jokier characters in Dragon Ball Super overall, but the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc allowed the series to focus on him more than in the past. We saw how he stacked up to other members of the Galactic Patrol, and how he formed a rivalry with the elite patroller Merus before it was revealed that he was actually an angel in training. Maybe it was due to his spirit of competition, or the greater focus on the patrol in general, but Jaco was far more active this time around.

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(Photo: Toei Animation)

Rather than doing things because Bulma or someone else told him to, Jaco played a key role in gathering the final pieces of the puzzle together. Not only did he buy the fighters left on Earth more time for training, but making them official Galactic Patrollers also eased the rest of the Galactic Patrol to help out Earth in their time of need. This came through especially well at the end of the fight as he was the only one inspired to seek out Majin Buu (and the Grand Supreme Kai within him) to provide the final boost of divine power Goku needed to not only get back to his Ultra Instinct form, but go beyond into a new version of the transformation.

This pro-active move from Jaco shows just how much of an impact this arc has had on Jaco, and it's another reflection of how important Merus has become to the series as he not only spurred Goku forth but Jaco as well. With the Galactic Patrol now a real part of the series with this arc, perhaps Jaco will play a more significant role in the series going forward as Goku potentially heads out into space to fight even tougher enemies.


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