Dragon Ball Super Reveals Jaco's Hidden Power

One of the most hilarious new characters that has been introduced in the pages of Dragon Ball Super is Jaco, the Galactic Patrolman who is more likely to crack a joke than throw a punch, who has revealed an exceptionally unique ability that puts him one rung above several other Z Fighters! In the latest chapter of the manga of Akira Toriyama's franchise, the space cop has been featured more thanks to his organization's involvement in the battle against Moro, the ancient sorcerer who absorbs energy from opponents and planets alike, and had demonstrated a sense that is definitely worth noting!

Warning! If you have yet to read Chapter 58 of Dragon Ball Super's manga, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we will be diving into some serious spoiler territory with this one!

Moro has officially arrived on Earth, giving the Z Fighters outside of Goku and Vegeta the opportunity to show off their skills against the sorcerer's henchmen. While the likes of Krillin, Roshi, and Yamcha had their chance to shine, Moro's henchmen were given upgrades by sharing in their boss's energy. Luckily for our heroes, Goku has finally arrive on Earth to lend out a helping hand! As Moro pumps his power into his right hand man, the Z Fighters find Goku zooming around at light speed in order to stop him.

Since training with Merus, the renegade angel turned Galactic Patrolman, Goku has achieved a brand new level of power and is moving so fast that the likes of Gohan and Piccolo aren't able to keep up. With both fighters unable to see Goku's movements at all, Jaco shockingly states that he is able to see the Saiyan warrior zipping through space, thanks in part to his vision which he touts as his "strong suit". While Jaco is hardly a brawler on the levels of most of the Z Fighters, it's clear that he has some hidden talents up his sleeve!


The Z Fighters have officially been made members of the Galactic Patrol, amplifying the overall power level of this space cop organization. With so many powerhouses now a part of the group, Jaco is clearly still an asset to them with this secret ability, which will most likely come in handy down the road in the war against Moro!

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