Dragon Ball Super Needs to Explore the Multiverse in its Next Arc

Dragon Ball Super needs to explore the multiverse with its next big arc. The newest chapter of the [...]

Dragon Ball Super needs to explore the multiverse with its next big arc. The newest chapter of the series has officially brought the fight against Planet Eater Moro to an end, and will bring the massive Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc to an end with the next chapter of the series. With this massive arc finally ending after being the longest arc in the manga to date, now it's time for the series to look ahead to new fights and new threats. But where should the series go from here? Is it time to take it to the divine realm? Maybe not yet.

Dragon Ball Super introduced an entire multiverse to the franchise, but even this far into its run has only scratched the surface of what an entire multiverse can bring to a franchise like this one. Rather than set Goku out on powerful new beings out of his realm, he should instead focus on the opponents still lurking within his space such as the four universes still left unseen.

When Dragon Ball Super first explained the concept of the multiverse, it excited fans with the fact that there were 11 other universes outside of the worlds we had seen thus far. The Tournament of Power finally brought full attention to this idea by having them clash against one another, but there was a glaring omission in the fact that there were four universes deemed far too strong and valuable to compete.

That means that regardless of the otherworldly threats like Moro Goku can defeat, there are four universes that have a base mortal level much stronger than Goku. Not only does the series still need to elaborate on what raises a mortal level for the universes, but it's time to test Goku's limits on a universal scale. Because while Goku is most likely one of the standout mortals from the tournament, he's not from one of the mystery universes.

Failing an exploration into the other four universes, there are also several major questions about the other universes needing to be answered. How is Jiren doing these days? Has he begun training? Have the sixth universe Saiyans all continued raising their power levels? Goku might be too strong for Earth, but he might not be strong enough for the divine realms yet. Maybe it's then time for him to explore the rest of the universe and see what else is out there?

What do you think? Would you want to see Goku head out into the multiverse with Dragon Ball Super's next arc? What do you want to see in the future of the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!