Dragon Ball Super Redeems Chi-Chi with One Important Cutaway

Dragon Ball fans tend to see Chi-Chi in a certain light... and it isn't always the most [...]

Dragon Ball fans tend to see Chi-Chi in a certain light... and it isn't always the most flattering. Back in the day, the heroine was liked well enough given her interest in Goku, but things got complicated after the couple had kids. Audiences were confused when Chi-Chi started belittling Goku's training in the hopes he would make money, and she was never a fan of Gohan learning martial arts. But thanks to a recent chapter, fans have gotten a good look at the Chi-Chi from the days of old.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super put out a new chapter, and it was there fans caught up with Universe 7 during a rough period. To start, Moro has made his way to Earth, and his army has started to cherry pick treasure from the planet. The Z-Fighters are the only thing keeping Earth from being totally annihilated, but characters like Mai and Bulma are spared from fighting.

As you can see in the chapter's first pages, the bystanders are crowded atop Dende's home watching the battle below. It is there Bulma creates live feeds of the fights, and Chi-Chi is immediately interested in the frontline skirmishes so long as it means she can watch Gohan.

"So I can watch my little Gohan in action," the woman asks before scurrying over to a television. "Ugh, this one's just airing the Krillin Show!"

At the moment, the drones are focused on Krillin and his fight, but it will not stay there forever. Gohan is busy with a battle of his own, and he is joined by Piccolo. The pair were inundated earlier by Seven-Three, but the pair have been assisted by Androids 17 and 18. Now, the duo have Moro to worry about, but the villain will let one other soldier of his fight Gohan before getting in the ring. So if Chi-Chi was excited before, you can only imagine how nervous the heroine is about to get in future chapters.

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