Dragon Ball Super Explains Why Goku's Last-Ditch Plan Against Moro Failed

With Moro having arrived on earth, the ancient wizard's battle against Son Goku has begun and [...]

With Moro having arrived on earth, the ancient wizard's battle against Son Goku has begun and though Goku has exhibited a much more in-depth knowledge of how to access Ultra Instinct during this battle for the universe, it seems as though his attempt to use the transformation to defeat the sorcerer has come up short. Ultra Instinct is unique from the likes of transformations like Super Saiyan in that it requires blending one's power with their instinct, allowing their body to take the reins and essentially placing their minds in the back seat!

Warning! If you have yet to read Chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory for the battle against Moro!

With Ultra Instinct Sign, Goku has been able to transform at will into the first step of this insanely powerful technique, but his method of fighting has seemingly tripped him up in his fight against the latest villain of Dragon Ball Super. While Goku has been training alongside Merus, Moro has been spending his time travelling around the universe and absorbing the energy from entire planets to add to his own. With this serious power up now under his wing, the wizard and his underlings have given the Z Fighters a run for their money after arriving on Earth.

As the fight between Goku and Moro began, the Saiyan warrior had a slight advantage when the fight began, but once the horned villain revealed his true power, it was clear that Son was outclassed. Even with his mastery of the first level of Ultra Instinct in Sign, it was clear that he still had work to do on it as it was draining his stamina far too quickly.

As Moro's power began outpacing Goku's, the Saiyan began amplifying his power level at the expense of his stamina, which Merus and Whis note does not work for the benefit of Ultra Instinct. The unique transformation does give the user more power, but forcing more power through it apparently simply isn't the way to go and gives Moro the upper hand as he defeats Goku and attempts to steal his energy. Luckily for our hero, he is saved by Android 17, 18, and Vegeta!

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