Dragon Ball Super Reveals A New Army of Evil Androids

Dragon Ball Super has introduced a new army of evil androids. The new bad robots are actually an [...]

Dragon Ball Super has introduced a new army of evil androids. The new bad robots are actually an expansion on the new evil android the series introduced during its Moro Arc: Seven-Three. As one of Moro's top henchma, Android Seven-Three was a stoic unit with the extraordinary gift of copying the powers of any fighter he made physical contact with. Seven-Three was so powerful that he could even copy Moro's formidable magic powers, as well as Goku's godly Ultra Instinct power. Well, in Dragon Ball Super's new arc, we learn that Seven-Three was just one unit from an entire line of evil androids now threatening the universe.

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 67 SPOILERS Follow!

The new chapter of Dragon Ball Super is called "Happy Endings... And Then..." and it certainly lives up to its title. The new chapter wraps up the events of the Moro Arc, with Goku and Earth's Z-Fighters celebrating the big win, while also restoring all the planets in the universe that Moro ravaged with his life-draining powers. However, in the midst of all that joy and celebration, there is one ominous scene that unfolds:

Following the conflict with Moro, Galactic Patrolmen Jaco and Calamis are doing final clean-up on the incident, which includes investigating a mysterious emergency beacon that seems to be emanating from the site of Moro's battle on Earth. After interviewing Moro's gang of escaped convicts, Jaco and Calamis return to Earth to investigate whether or not Seven-Three has been completely destroyed. The Galactic Patrolman think they confirm the android's annihilation - but they are very wrong.

As stated, Seven-Three was just one Android unit from an entire line. The lieutenants of Moro's Galactic Bandit Brigade inform the Galactic Patrolmen that Seven-Three was just a blank slate before they abducted him from a crime boss named Master Goichi. The scene that introduces Goichi further reveals that the crime boss is feeling great fortune at getting "OG73-i" back - or rather, all the data he collected from copying some of the most powerful fighters in the universe. Goichi's assistant drops that ominous update that all the other androids in Seven-Three's line have been given "downloads" of Seven-Three's power set.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 67 Spoilers Granola vs Androids 73
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Dragon Ball Super's new "Granola The Survivor" arc's introductory chapter ends with the reveal of the titular "Granola" - a space warrior who raids Goichi's ship. Granola manages to take out a bunch of the new evil android line - but the robots certainly seem poised to protect Seven-Three from Granola's attack - at all cost. Obviously, Goichi has some big, evil, things planned for them!

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