Dragon Ball Super: How Does Seven-Three Fit Into the New Arc?

Dragon Ball Super is set to make some big announcements this weekend about its next arc, but fans [...]

Dragon Ball Super is set to make some big announcements this weekend about its next arc, but fans have already been told a bit about the affair. Earlier this week, fans were informed the next manga arc would focus on a villain named Granola, and it will tie into the now-completed Moro arc. What's more important is that a familiar android will show up in this arc, and it is time fans got excited for the return of Seven-Three.

If the name doesn't ring a bell, you will remember the name from Moro's posse. The villain may not have been able to defeat Goku like he wanted, but he did manage to make life harder for the Galactic Patrol. After all, Moro broke out tons of prisoners from the team's jail, and that freed Seven-Three.

dragon ball seven three

Now, as far as Dragon Ball fans knew up until now, Seven-Three was killed by Moro. The villain used up the android as a henchman and even turned the fighter into a backup of himself. You can see why fans are surprised the baddie is back, but it turns out there is more to the android than we knew.

The trailer for the new Dragon Ball arc shows one of Saganbo's men speaking with Jaco, and they ask whether the patrol made sure Seven-Three was dead or not. It seems the group did not think to check on the android's remains, and that was mistake number one. The trailer goes on to show Seven-Three's decapitate head lying at the bottom of a deep crater, and its eyes are glowing. The android has clearly survived or revived from Moro's lethal blow by now. And as it would seem, this new arc will follow the android and a mysterious survivor known only as Granola. Goku is going to have his hands full with this arc, and if Seven-Three happens to have retained any of Merus' powers, things could get tricky really quick.

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