Dragon Ball Super Teases Its New Arc's Name

The battle against the wizard Moro has come to a close in the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga, [...]

The battle against the wizard Moro has come to a close in the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga, and all that's left for the Z Fighters is to pick up the pieces that were left in the villain's trail of destruction, but the next arc for the printed version of the long-running franchise is about to begin with a title having been released recently for fans to speculate over. With Jump Festa, the major Shonen convention that dives into the future of a number of big-time anime franchises, about to begin later this week, Dragon Ball definitely has a big role to play!

The title of the next arc for Dragon Ball Super is "Granola The Survivor Arc", with a trailer being released that focuses on several members of Moro's gang that were released from their individual prison cells following the antagonist's wish on the Namekian Dragon Balls. Giving us insight into what we can expect for the future of the manga, many believe that this upcoming arc might be something of a "stop-gap", introducing a story that will be far briefer than the long-running Moro Arc which told its story over the course of years.

Twitter User Dragon Ball Hype shared the newest trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Arc of "Granola The Survivor Arc" that will focus on Moro's henchmen and continue the story of Universe 7 by following some very different characters than the ones we know in the Z Fighters:

With the anime series having gone on hiatus following the Tournament of Power Arc, fans are waiting to see when the anime's return will be announced, as many are crossing their fingers that this year's Jump Festa will give us some much-desired hints. As the Moro Arc has come to a close, and the feature-length film of Dragon Ball Super: Broly having the possibility of being adapted into the television series, there is plenty of material for the television series to mine for its eventual return!

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