Dragon Ball Super Gives a Surprising Update on Majin Buu

The Moro Arc has come to an end with the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga, wrapping up [...]

The Moro Arc has come to an end with the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga, wrapping up the fight between the Z Fighters and the nefarious sorcerer, while also seemingly giving a surprising status quo to Majin Buu following the events of the arc that greatly changed him. With earlier chapters diving into the Kaioshin that is currently residing inside of Buu's body, granting him control of the pink powerhouse to help in combating Moro, the split personality of Buu definitely had a heavy hand in winning the fight for the Z Fighters when all was said and done!

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga, Chapter 67, you might want to steer clear as this article will dive into spoilers about the ending of the Moro Arc!

The "Great Lord of Lords" helped the Z Fighters by explaining to the young Uub that his energy and concentration were needed in order to lend his strength to Vegeta's Forced Spirit Fission, giving Goku a much-needed burst of strength that was necessary for destroying Moro. With the deed being done, the Kaio was able to thank Uub for his help while also revealing that they are kin, thanks in part to them both being Buu in a way.

Dragon Ball Buu
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The Kaioshin returns to the tower, and gives the body back to Majin Buu, returning the original personality of the one time Dragon Ball Z villain to the rotund body. As Buu explains, he was still present within his own body while the "Great Lord of Lords" was in the driver's seat, but was asleep throughout it. Luckily, Buu arrives back into his body just in time as the Z Fighters are able to enjoy a much-deserved celebration thrown by Mr. Satan.

Buu has been an important part of the Moro Arc, with more of his character explored throughout the latest storyline of Dragon Ball Super, perhaps even more so than the saga that marked his first appearance in Dragon Ball Z. While there is no confirmation on when, or if, Super's anime will return, we'd love to see his origins further explored within it!

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