Dragon Ball Super Teases the Caveat of Granolah's Wish

Dragon Ball Super is set to move forward with a new chapter this month, and the update will be a [...]

Dragon Ball Super is set to move forward with a new chapter this month, and the update will be a doozy. If you are caught up with the series' new arc, then you know what chapter 70 has in store. Granolah made a wish the last we saw him, and his request was weighty enough to make fans second guess the sniper. And now, a new teaser confirms Granolah's wish won't go as he planned it.

The big update went live when Dragon Ball Super shared several draft pages of chapter 70. The usual teaser was a juicy one this month as it checked in on Granolah as he stood before an Eternal Dragon. The fighter just wished he would become the strongest fighter in the universe, but that kind of request is hard for any dragon to fulfill. And for the wish to be granted, the Eternal Dragon set up stipulations on his part.

Dragon Ball Super Granolah Grudge How Far He'll Go Spoilers Manga
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According to the draft pages, the Eternal Dragon makes Granolah clarify his wish before he gives an answer. The dragon says he can make the wish come true, but he must accept a mysterious condition first. Despite not knowing the drawback, Granolah agrees to the caveat as he says becoming stronger always requires a sacrifice.

Of course, Dragon Ball Super fans are starting to wonder what Granolah signed himself up for. The Eternal Dragons are rarely misleading with their wish-granting, so this monkey's paw promise is interesting, to say the least. Granolah might end up regretting his wish depending on the condition. But if it allows him to defeat Freeza, well - that would make the sting a little less painful.

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