Dragon Ball Super Shows How Far Granolah Will Go to Hold a Grudge

Dragon Ball Super's newest chapter explores just how far Granolah will go to hold a grudge! The [...]

Dragon Ball Super's newest chapter explores just how far Granolah will go to hold a grudge! The newest chapter of the series takes another crucial step into the Granolah the Survivor arc, and with this step we learn more about what makes the titular warrior of the arc tick. After finding out that Granolah is the last survivor of a race once wiped out by Freeza and the Saiyans, it began to inform why he has such a rage toward Freeza. Finding out Freeza was alive seemed to have sparked that fire within him once more.

Chapter 69 of the series revisits Granolah once more and it reveals his current living situation. Not only is his still inhabiting the planet where his people once lived and thrived, but he's living in the ruins of his former home in order to remind himself every day of the trauma that the Saiyan race and Freeza's army had inflicted upon him. Certainly not a healthy way to cope with his massive loss.

Dragon Ball Super Granolah Grudge How Far He'll Go Spoilers Manga
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The chapter reveals that a new race known as the Sugarians have moved to the Cerealians' planet as a way to rebuild after their own planet was destroyed, but Granolah doesn't live in their rebuilt city. After the Heeters came in and built the city for them, Granolah decided to seclude himself in the mountains together with the Namekian Elder, Monaito.

This serves a dual purpose, however, as the other reason he lives on the mountain is because he can always look upon the ruins of his destroyed hometown. He stares out at it as a constant reminder of the pain the Saiyans had caused him, and continues to stew in the rage of that destruction from forty years ago. It's why Granolah continues to rage and wants to become the greatest warrior in the universe for that revenge.

While there are like far more factors to his grudge, this lifestyle is certainly not going to help things as he has had no room to grow and move on from his past. Like Vegeta in a different way, Granolah is quite literally stuck in the past. But what did you think of this reveal in Dragon Ball Super? Curious to see how Granolah's grudge plays into the rest of the arc? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!