Dragon Ball Super Just Hinted at Bardock's Hidden Power

The first chapter of Dragon Ball Super has gone live in 2022, so you know fans were quick to break down the series. As always, all eyes were on Goku as fans figured out how he would fit into Granolah's fight with Gas. It turns out their theory about Bardock connecting the trio worked out as expected, but well – no one thought the manga would straight-up tease Bardock's hidden power. 

The whole thing played out in the final few pages of chapter 80 if you are caught up with Dragon Ball Super. It was there fans caught up with Granolah as he put up a fight against Gas, and he seemed to have won before Elec showed up. It was there the gang leader unleashed Gas' real power, and he said this form was only used once before... and it was against Bardock.

Vegeta and Goku were stunned to hear this news as you can imagine. It was the former who asked how Bardock even managed to fight Gas given how strong the man is. In this state, he is giving Vegeta and Goku a run for their money, and it is widely thought that Bardock wasn't as powerful as his son. But if he managed to defeat Gas, well – you can see things aren't adding up.

Clearly, Bardock is stronger than fans have credited him, and this is teased when Gas has a flashback to his fight from years ago. Goku's dad is seen glowing with a powerful aura, and Gas seems legitimately scared of the Saiyan. Now, Goku is going to have to follow in his dad's steps to defeat Gas, and maybe he'll find the same power within himself that Bardock did. If not, the Heeters might just win this battle, and that will not sit well with anyone on Planet Cereal!

What do you think about Bardock's stand against Gas now? Do you believe Dragon Ball Super has been holding something back about Goku's dad? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.