Dragon Ball Super Reveals Impressive First Triple Fusion

Dragon Ball fans know how things work when it comes to fusing, but the series like to surprise [...]

Dragon Ball fans know how things work when it comes to fusing, but the series like to surprise them occasionally. Back in the day, Dragon Ball Z ran with the idea of fusing, and fighters like Gogeta became quick favorites. Now, it seems a new fusion has joined the franchise's canon, and it breaks a record which many never thought would be touched.

Yes, you did heard that right. Dragon Ball has unearthed the dreaded triple fusion, but the fighters who gathered together were far from anticipated.

For those caught up with the, the manga decided to throw in the triple fusion out of nowhere. It all began when Master Roshi chose to fight three femme fatales who worked in Moro's army. As most expected, Roshi was weak against the women given their sex appeal, but things took a turn in his favor once Roshi blinded himself.

fusion dragon ball
(Photo: Shueisha)

As the fight carried on, Roshi learned how to fight the girls on there own, so the trio decided to fuse. The technique was confirmed to Bulma before fans witnessed the warrior firsthand, and the massive lady was far from expected. Roshi went so far as to call the trio's fusion not cute at all, but the same cannot be said for their power. The triple fusion is stupidly strong, and the unnamed warrior ends up forcing Krillin to signal Goku for help.

For years now, fans have long wondered whether a triple fusion was even possible, and this does answer the question. In the past, the closest fans ever got to such a fusion was when Piccolo and Buu would assimilate with someone. Now, it turns out these Universe 7 warriors can fuse three-to-one, so the fandom's forgotten dreams of Vekulo aren't dead yet!

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