Dragon Ball Super Nerfs Moro Hard Thanks to Vegeta's New Power

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter has given us a Vegeta who has a new power that truly separates [...]

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter has given us a Vegeta who has a new power that truly separates him from the other Z Fighters, having seemingly surpassed Goku for the first time in quite awhile, and this fresh ability points to big trouble for Moro, as the installment of the franchise nerfs the current main villain. Moro hit the scene sporting the ability to absorb energy from both opponents and entire planets, but it seems as if the Prince of the Saiyans has the perfect counter attack to the ancient sorcerer...at least for a little while.

Warning! If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, 61, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll dive into some deep spoiler territory!

Following Vegeta's training on the Planet Yardrat, the prince of the Saiyans has gained the ability of "Spirit Fission", which acts as the perfect counter measure to Moro's wizardry. With this particular technique allowing Vegeta to "undo" fusions and power absorbing techniques, he begins returning the stolen energy that Moro had taken from the likes of the Namekians and the other victims of his sorcery. For the majority of the chapter, Vegeta sapped the strength from the horned villain, seeming as if the Saiyan protagonist had it in the bag.

Dragon Ball Super Moro Vegeta Nerf
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The implications of Vegeta's new power are staggering, meaning that many villains that had used fusion and absorption powers in the past such as Zamasu and Majin Buu, would be far easier enemies to defeat. While studying on the Planet Yardrat, Vegeta also learned how to use Instant Transmission, and we'd bet money that he'll reveal even more new abilities as the Moro Arc continues. With Yardrat showing off other original moves such as instant healing, creating clones, and making ones size larger, it will be interesting to see if Vegeta has learned any of these.

Vegeta's upper hand doesn't last long as Moro literally eats his artificial minion, OG 73-1, and gains a power boost, along with the abilities of his henchman. While we don't know if Vegeta's power will be able to separate Moro from his underling, we would imagine that the Z Fighters are going to have some trouble with this new version of the current antagonist.

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