Dragon Ball Super Finally Reveals Vegeta's New Power

It has been a long time coming, but Vegeta has gotten his day in the World of Dragon Ball. Fans [...]

It has been a long time coming, but Vegeta has gotten his day in the World of Dragon Ball. Fans have waiting years for the hero to get an epic one-up ahead of Goku, and many were unsure if it would ever happen. However, thanks to the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, fans know Vegeta is more than able to surpass Goku when given the chance. The manga just revealed the hero's new power, and it is a true doozy that no one saw coming.

Chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super unleashing the new technique Vegeta learned on Yardrat, and it is one that Goku admits he could not learn. The technique is called Forced Spirit Fission, and it is a multi-headed beast to break down. After all, it has several uses, and Vegeta has learned the best way to use it against Moro.

The technique allows Vegeta to separate any type of fusion or absorption method out there. For guys like Moro, this technique is a nightmare because Vegeta is able to separate them from the energy they absorbed from others. So all of the energy Moro ate from planets and various races? It can be removed from him piece by piece every time Vegeta lands a hit on Moro.

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This Dragon Ball Super technique is an impressive one that lets Vegeta even a playing field when a fusion changes a fight's tide unfairly. You can imagine how shocked Moro was to learn such a move existed, and Goku was even more surprised his friend can use Forced Spirit Fission at all. The technique is not an easy one to pin down, but Vegeta's pride would never let him give up on the move before mastering it. And as it turns out, this surprising move is everything Dragon Ball fans hoped it would be and more.

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