Dragon Ball Super Preview Hints At Brutal Granolah Battle

Dragon Ball Super's latest arc hasn't just introduced fans of the Shonen franchise to the character known as Granolah, it also unveiled the latest transformation of Vegeta in Ultra Ego, a power-up that gives the Saiyan Prince a major upgrade along with a new appearance. With this year's Jump Festa revealing that the Granolah The Survivor Arc is close to its end, a new preview has emerged for the next chapter of the popular manga series.   

In the latest chapters of the Granolah The Survivor Arc, readers have born witness to the last member of the Cerealian Race attempting to exact revenge upon the Saiyan Race, as well as the one who he believed order the destruction of the Planet Cereal, Frieza. While Granolah has yet to encounter the alien tyrant in the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super, he was able to achieve the status of the strongest being in the universe thanks in part to the use of his world's Dragon Balls. With the Heeters' role revealed in the ravaging of Cereal, as well as being the ones responsible for the death of Granolah's mother, it's clear that the bounty hunter's priorities have changed.

The Official Dragon Ball Website shared a preview of the next chapter of Akira Toriyama's manga, diving further into the brutal battle taking place between Granolah and Gas, with the latter having a serious grudge against the bounty hunter that once found himself acting as an errand boy for the Heeters themselves:

Gas always had the ability to create energy weapons, as explained by the Namekian Minaito, though the power boost that he received from Cereal's Eternal Dragon has put him on a whole different level, where the weapons become deadly threats to the Cerealian and the Saiyans alike. With Granolah taking center stage in this preview, it will be interesting to see if Goku and Vegeta will re-enter the battle and if the Saiyan Prince's Ultra Ego transformation will play a role in ending this titanic tussle. 

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