Dragon Ball Super Cliffhanger Sets Up Plans for the Original Seven-Three

Dragon Ball Super plans to carry on in the new year with an arc we've not yet seen. In the wake of [...]

Dragon Ball Super plans to carry on in the new year with an arc we've not yet seen. In the wake of Moro and his mission, Earth is doing alright, but fans know things are shaking up in space with Seven-Three. The android was wrongfully presumed dead, and it seems they have a comeback in mind. Readers learned that when Dragon Ball Super put out a new chapter which ended with a reveal of Seven-Three's true self.

The whole thing began when readers were revisited by Seven-Three on Earth. Even though the android was hit with a lethal blow by Moro, his regenerative abilities kept him alive. Seven-Thee was able to reform his head and send out a beacon for rescue all before Jaco could return to snuff him.

dragon ball super seven three

Of course, Seven-Three is stronger than ever, and chapter 67 ended with a new fighter known was Granolah fighting a horde of newly awakened Seven-Three. However, fans were left to wonder about the original android. It doesn't take long before fans are united with the fighter, and Granolah finds his target recovering easily in a rejuvenation chamber.

Currently, there is no telling what this reformed version of Seven-Three is capable of, but Dragon Ball Super fans do know the android likes to follow orders. At his core, the artificial fighter works with whoever his handler is. Seven-Three's lack of will and emotion makes him a very different villain from those Goku has faced in the past. Following their first fight, Seven-Three has gained more powers and grown even stronger than Goku realizes. And with Granolah on his tail, Seven-Three could become a cataclysmic threat before too long if left unchecked.

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