Dragon Ball Artist Honors 2021 with Throwback Sketch

Dragon Ball Super is looking to start off 2021 with a bang, not just with the start of a new arc [...]

Dragon Ball Super is looking to start off 2021 with a bang, not just with the start of a new arc in its manga with the "Granola The Survivor" Arc, but also with a new throwback sketch from the artist Toyotaro who tries his best at honoring the "Year of the Ox". Though the character of Shisami, one of the newest henchmen of Freeza's army following his return in the story arc of "Resurrection of F", might not have much of a future in the Shonen series, all things considered, he definitely works well for honoring the new year!

With 2020 coming to a close, the Moro Arc ended just in time at year's end as Goku was able to get an insane power boost thanks in part to the energies of his friends and the new technique that was learned by Vegeta on the Planet Yardrat. With Moro defeated, the seeds are already being planted for the next arc that will have big roles for the new character of Granola, and seemingly, the henchmen of Moro that were able to survive their assault on the Earth and the Z Fighters as a whole. Though the anime's return date is still up in the air, we're crossing our fingers that it might just return in the year of the Ox!

Twitter User Todd Blankenship shared this latest sketch from Toyotaro that takes a new look at the villain Shisami, the horned henchman of the Freeza Force who was eventually betrayed by another of the alien despot's underlings as he fought against Gohan following their leader's resurrection:

Freeza did not make an appearance during the Moro Arc, seemingly continuing to travel across the galaxy following his definitive defeat during the recent story arc that brought back Broly. With the Granola Arc taking place in the cosmos, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see the pint sized alien despot make a return to the series in the near future.

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