Dragon Ball Super Fires Up Vegeta with a Deadly Promise

Dragon Ball fans know that Vegeta has a short fuse, and he will pop off on just about anyone. [...]

Dragon Ball fans know that Vegeta has a short fuse, and he will pop off on just about anyone. Aside from Bulma and his kids, Vegeta isn't afraid to put a person in their place, and he's made enough of those threats to gain a certain reputation. But now, it seems like Vegeta just made one of his spiciest threats yet after coming face-to-face with Granolah.

The whole thing went down this week when Dragon Ball Super chapter 73 went live. It was there fans watched Goku continue his battle Granolah, and he seemed to have the upper hand for a bit. Unfortunately, things took a turn when Granolah revealed a secret power of his, and it forced Vegeta to drop a deadly promise. After all, Granolah wants Vegeta dead, and the Saiyan is not about to let that happen.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta
(Photo: Shueisha)

"Die? Why don't you? Go on, join the rest of your tribe," Vegeta tells Granolah they step up to one another. "If you're so intent on killing off every last Saiyan, then I'll use all I have to put you in the ground. The tribe that's about to go extinct is the Cerealians."

Clearly, Vegeta has gotten a bit heated here, and he wants to make Granolah aware of it. The fighter is holding a grudge like none other, and that is something Vegeta can relate to. The Saiyan has always struggled to let go of things from the past, and Beerus helped him overcome the issue during their recent training. Now, Vegeta wants to see how much stronger that hurdle made him, but Dragon Ball fans are still convinced Granolah has more tricks up his sleeves.

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