Dragon Ball Super: Why Vegeta Might Actually Win This Time

Dragon Ball Super might actually be setting up Vegeta for a win this time around! Dragon Ball [...]

Dragon Ball Super might actually be setting up Vegeta for a win this time around! Dragon Ball Super's new Granolah the Survivor arc has taken an interesting turn as it has returned to the Dragon Ball Z roots of Goku and Vegeta's rivalry as the two of them had wanted to test their respective skills against the purported universe's strongest warrior by themselves. The newest chapter of the series took this one step further as it showed off how Goku's new level of Ultra Instinct power compared to Granolah's, but ultimately ended with his defeat.

The end of the Chapter 73 of the series poised Vegeta to take his turn against the fighter, but unlike many of the other times we have seen Vegeta confidently declared his victory against his opponent, Vegeta's sitting at a much better place this time around. If everything goes well, and if the themes of the arc further cement the deeper connections between Vegeta and Granolah, then there's a very good chance Vegeta wins this time.

Dragon Ball Super Spoilers Vegeta Granolah Fight Winner
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One of the biggest jokes fans have had during the series is how often Vegeta takes major losses as a result of his hubris, but things are different this time around. His hubris isn't as self-centered as it was before. Compare this to the Vegeta we saw during the Planet Eater Moro fight in which he basically served as a tool to help Goku achieve victory, and this is a far removed Vegeta as he's combined his former Yardrat training with his training in the God of Destructions' techniques.

In the practical sense, he's at a better advantage in this fight against Granolah than Goku was as not only has he seen Granolah's tricks in action thanks to Goku going first, but he's also much closer connected to them. As Goku noted, Granolah's using techniques that mirror Hakai, Moro's magic abilities, and as the newest chapter reveals, the Yardrat cloning techniques. These are all moves that Vegeta is fully versed in because while Goku narrowed his training to just Ultra Instinct's usage alone, Vegeta has widened his net.

Couple this with the overall themes of the arc. The main crux of Granolah's issue has been his drive for vengeance against the Saiyans and Freeza for the death of his people, and there's no one closer connection to this past than Vegeta. During his training with Beerus, the series had an important scene where Beerus had explained to Vegeta that in order to release his full potential he'd need to distance himself from the guilt of his past.

Dragon Ball Super Granolah Vegeta Saiyan Revenge Tease Spoilers Manga
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No one needs to learn this lesson more than Granolah, and no one can teach it better than Vegeta as he's going through his own maturing phase. With Vegeta further distancing himself from the version he used to be in the past, and with him being able to clock every one of Granolah's abilities thus far, he has the better chance of winning here than he ever really has. This fight with Granolah is also likely not the final major fight of the arc either.

There are still lingering plot threads such as the Heeters' plan, and a potential Freeza appearance on the horizon, so Vegeta could definitely get an important victory here and still leave the final climax to the standard Goku victory. But what do you think? Is Dragon Ball Super setting Vegeta up to fail once more? If he loses, will all this development mean nothing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!