Dragon Ball Super Clarifies Merus' Angel Rank

Dragon Ball Super made it clear that angels are watching over Goku's gang, but that does not mean [...]

Dragon Ball Super made it clear that angels are watching over Goku's gang, but that does not mean Whis is trying to help the crew. The advent of gods and angels in Dragon Ball pried open new discussions of power levels that fans never saw coming. That only continued with the manga's current arc thanks to Merus, so you should know Dragon Ball Super has added structure to the angel hierarchy at last.

The information comes from the most recent volume of Dragon Ball Super. The manga put out volume 13 in Japan recently, and it was there fans got some neat infographics breaking down the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc. Readers were shown the hierarchy of Whis and Merus when it comes to angels, and yes - Beerus' partner reigns supreme in this case.

As it turns out, Whis is labeled a Guide Angel while Merus is still known as a Trainee Angel. This delineation was given in the manga some time ago, but their official ranks were not listed. Now, fans have tangible proof that Merus ranked below Whis in the hierarchy of things... as if it wasn't made clear by now.

After all, Whis has been able to lord over Merus since the two came into contact with this arc. Merus was unable to resist a command from Whis as the older angel made the trainee stop coaching Goku lest he becomes overly involved with human affairs. While his interference was rather hypocritical, Whis managed to reel Merus back in and remind him of his lower trainee status all in one go.

Of course, the rank of Guide Angel doesn't top the hierarchy. That title goes to the Grand Priest who serves as the angel guide to Zeno and trains the rest of the angels. If there is an angel more powerful than the Grand Priest, fans have not been told about them, and there is no telling what else Dragon Ball has hiding up its sleeves.

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