Dragon Ball Super Cliffhanger Teases Granolah's Big Turn

Dragon Ball Super's new Granolah Arc has introduced the titular character of Granolah into Dragon Ball lore, and fans have all been wondering where this pivotal character will fit into the mix. As the lone survivor of the planet Cereal (which was wiped out by Freeza and the Saiyans), Granolah entered the new story arc with a major vendetta to take out the surviving Saiyans (Goku and Vegeta), but he was also clearly good-natured at heart. That dichotomy led fans to think that Granolah's antagonist status was only a temporary label – and after Dragon Ball Super manga Chapter 78, it seems they were right! 

(Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 SPOILERS Follow)

Granolah's rampage against Goku and Vegeta ended when the elderly Namekian Monaito dropped a major truth bomb on everyone: Goku's father Bardock was the one who risked his life to save Granolah's life during the Cerealian genocide. In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78, Granolah is left reeling from the revelation that Goku and Vegeta aren't his enemies – and that those he thought to be his allies (The Heeters) have actually been his enemies all along! 

Granolah learns the truth of what's what, a bit too late: the Heeters complete their wish with the Crealian Dragon Balls, and turn their brother Gas into the strongest warrior in the universe!

Gas's new form and powers allow him to thrash Granolah pretty badly. The Cerealian tries to push past his injuries and limits – but it doesn't matter. Gas leaves Granloah down and broken and out of the fight. 

However, in the final big twist of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78, Vegeta takes the last remaining Senzu Bean on the battlefield – one Goku left for him – and gives it to Granolah, a rival he was just prepared to die battling! 


Vegeta's reasoning for his benevolent move is simple: Granolah has the Karmac obligation to get his strength up and fight to avenge his people. Gas struck when Granloah was already worn down from fierce battles with both Goku and Vegeta – but with the Senzu Bean, he can now turn his full power (as former "strongest in the universe") on Gas. 

...Of course, Granloah's big comeback fight may be too small of a climax for this Dragon Ball Super story arc. It seems more likely that Granolah will have to combine forces with Goku and Vegeta in a true tag-team alliance, in order to defeat this new evil power Gas has acquired. 

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