Dragon Ball Super Movie Shares Akira Toriyama's "Involved" Role

Dragon Ball Super has kept away from any anime since its last film went live, but that will change [...]

Dragon Ball Super has kept away from any anime since its last film went live, but that will change before long. It was announced this year that the anime was making a comeback thanks to a new film. Now, fans have learned a lot more about Dragon Ball Super: Superhero, and it turns out Akira Toriyama is really involved in this flick.

The creator's role in Dragon Ball Super: Superhero has never been in doubt, but fans weren't sure how into the story he was. Akira Toriyama has closely watched over the anime's last few films. Of course, his story for Dragon Ball Super: Broly was plenty involved, and a recent chat with the anime's team confirms Toriyama is up to it again.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero
(Photo: Toei Animation)

If you check out the Dragon Ball website today, you will see a new blurb about the anime's next movie. It was there the report discussed the latest Dragon Ball Super: Superhero updates, and the team had nothing but praise for Toriyama.

In fact, Piccolo's canon makeover was credited to Toriyama entirely. "Perhaps [it has] something to do with the fact that Toriyama has been more involved with this new movie than he has with any other so far," the site reads.

Continuing, the report breaks down everything we need to know about Piccolo's home. The house was first shown to Dragon Ball Super fans during Comic-Con @ Home, and as expected, it comes from Toriyama. The team says the home was designed by the creator just as Piccolo's other homes were. And now, it seems the artist has decided it's time to give Piccolo a mailbox of all things.

Clearly, Toriyama is keeping up with Dragon Ball Super's anime, and that does not even touch upon the manga. The artist has overseen the series' story since day one, so fans are always glad to see Toriyama give up time to the anime. And given what we've seen of this upcoming movie, Dragon Ball Super is heading for another hit!

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