Dragon Ball Super's New Movie Promo Revisits The Films Of The Shonen's Past

Dragon Ball Super's television series is still on hiatus, and while fans are currently getting the [...]

Dragon Ball Super's television series is still on hiatus, and while fans are currently getting the side story of Goku and Vegeta in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, a new film will be arriving next year that remains shrouded in mystery. While details for the upcoming feature-length movie are still few and far between, the creator of the Shonen franchise, Akira Toriyama, hasn't been shy about his involvement in the upcoming tale and a new promo has dropped that explores the previous movies of the franchise that introduced us to villains such as Broly, Turles, Lord Slug, Cooler, and more.

The promo for the upcoming film didn't reveal any new looks at the film's animation but gave fans a summary of the past Dragon Ball movies in the latest issue of V Jump. While no new animation was shared, a new quote by Akira Toriyama did raise a few eyebrows of fans in that the Shonen creator noted that the upcoming film will "carve a new history" for the series. The story details, or even the title of the film, are shrouded in secrecy but fans are excited to witness a new adventure of the Z Fighters, especially considering the stellar entry in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Twitter User DBS Hype shared the promotional material from the latest issue of V Jump, which explored the numerous movies from Dragon Ball's past, will also giving fans another big hint as to why the future film in the history of the Z Fighters might be about:

Toriyama has been tight-lipped about the film for the most part but has made mention of the idea that the movie wouldn't focus as much on "power" as Broly had, and with this new quote stating that a "new history is being carved,", perhaps our theory about the movie revolving around time travel might be spot on. Regardless, based on the animation from Broly and Toei's recent amazing work with One Piece's Wano Arc, fans are dying to see the next Dragon Ball Super movie.

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